25 Days Of Metal 2012: #16 Enabler – All Hail The Void


Rather than counting down the days until we can celebrate Christmas, this year we’re bringing you a series of metal posts will be celebrating the countdown until we don’t have to be inundated with Christmas music and decorations everywhere. To coincide with this countdown we’ll be posting our top 25 metal (and metal-ish) albums of 2012. 25 days of hell, 25 rad metal albums to make up for it.


For that probably aren’t going to see a ton of love for their 2012 release but definitely should, Enabler are pretty high on my list. All Hail The Void is an album that falls in with the somewhat trendy hardcore-that-sounds-more-like-sludge style, along with the likes of Black Breath and others. Given how great they are, this isn’t such a bad thing. All Hail The Void is also an album that doesn’t look back or slow down after the intro, delivering about 32 straight minutes of pure, unadulterated riffage. Not only are there a slew of fantastic riffs all over this album, but Enabler brings them furiously at every turn, simply beckoning for everyone to mosh uncontrollably. As an album I really only have one complaint about it, and it’s that All Hail The Void just doesn’t seem to last long enough. Time to flip the record back to side A, I guess.

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