STREAM: Hannibal Buress – “Gibberish Rap”

Hannibal Burress

This is the future that Childish Gambino doth wrought; we have rapper-comedians now. So what is that, a rapmedian? That actually doesn’t sound that bad.

Comedian Hannibal Buress has dished on his love of hip-hop before, even copping to the occasional freestyle while in the company of intimates. But Burress has never laid down a verse to tape. Until now.

Buress just put out “Gibberish Rap,” his first “song” as an emcee, which you can check out after the jump. 

True to its title, the track is a quick slice of giddy absurdity.

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While Buress has a surprisingly dexterous flow, it’s his lyricism that impresses most. Lines like “Rappin, rap rap rappin/ I’m rap, rap rap rappin’ (rap)” are so profound as to almost be inscrutable. Fortunately Buress was kind enough to decode the meaning of his dense rhymes over at Rap Genius. (But seriously, check out the Rap Genius entry for “Gibberish Rap,” right now. It’s awesome.)

Oh, and if you’re wondering where that beat came from, it’s the instrumental for “Real Shit From A Real Nigga,” originally made by Clams Casino for Lil B.


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