WOAH: Rick Ross Talks Tour Cancellation. Oh, And He Announces Maybach Music Group Will Merge With Atlantic Records

rick ross

99JAMZ (WEDR) had a chance to sit down with Rick Ross on Monday and, oh man, did Ross have some news for them.

First, alleged gang threats do not scare Ricky Rozay; they certainly weren’t the reason why the bawse had to cancel the rest of his MMG tour. Instead, Ross lays blame at the feet of promoter Shawn Gee.

“He cancelled a date of mine. I was going to Tuscon, Arizona. And I was really a few hours outside of the market when I realized,” said Ross. “This was maybe a week and a half ago. And I just made a call to the dude Shawn Gee and just let him know that ain’t how we move. Let’s just communicate a little better. You know what I’m saying?”

“So the other day I woke up an realized that two more dates had been cancelled,” Ross continued. So I just felt like there was some power that I needed to take away from homie so I cancelled the rest of the dates that I had arranged with him.”

But Ross wasn’t done quelling the mistaken impression that he would be afraid of organized criminals. “You know, I am a certified man. I am a real boss. And this is something everybody need to understand: gangsters move in silence. Gangsters move in silence” said Ross. And with that, the interview immediately ended.

No it didn’t.

Shortly afterwards, Ross invoked the name of Larry Hoover – the founder of the Gangster Disciples, or GDs – that Ross famously name checks in “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)”. It was online threats from GD members that had initially kicked off the tour cancellation rumors. Ross affirmed his respect Hoover and also noted that he had recently performed onstage at Chicago, the birthplace of the Gangster Disciples gang, clad in chinchilla no less.

But the big reveal was saved for later in the interview. “I got another announcement as well. I’m excited for this year we got coming up man. This is really huge. MMG, we just merged with Atlantic Records. It’s the biggest move of the year.” I don’t know Ross. I mean, most of the year end lists have already been made. Maybe next year?

J/k this big. MMG’s move fundamentally shifts the hip-hop industry landscape. There’s even more info covered in the full interview, from Ross’ GRAMMY noms to the scheduled announcement of the name of his new album. Check out the whole thing below.

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