STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Stellar Young – “We Own Nothing”

Stellar Young - photo

Meet Stellar Young.

You may know them as The City Never Sleeps, as they were formerly called, but if you don’t, take the opportunity now. These Albany, NY boys are a listening MUST.

Comprised of 5 extremely talented musicians, Stellar Young features bassist Dave Parker who was once a touring keyboardist for prog-rock heavyweights Coheed and Cambria and an instrumentalist and producer of Weerd Science. He’s now settled in with his new band and booked some time over at the Applehead Recording studio to record and produce a new full length with the group.

The album, titled Everything at Once, will be released for free next week. As a teaser, we have a download of a single from the record called “We Own Nothing.” Check it out below.

Jacob Tender

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