XO Sign To Max Bemis’ Equal Vision Records Imprint, Rory Records


Say Anything front man Max Bemis started his own imprint of Equal Vision Records called Rory Records last year. The only band he had signed at the time was Tallhart, but they have since signed Merriment! and now XO. XO may be known as a side-project to some people, as its primary band members are Jeff and Jake Turner, both musicians already in Say Anything; despite this, there’s reason to think this the Turner’s primary project with Max handling most of the writing in Say Anything.

On the signing, Bemis saidThough it seems obvious for us to finally be working with Jake and Jeff because they play in Say Anything, the amazing thing is how unique XO is in that context. The band has made a huge creative leap recently – despite already being really awesome – and it’s something we’re really proud to display in our roster with our other Rory Records artists. They are making a hell of a record.

XO has also historically featured Say Anything keyboardist Parker Case and Finch guitarist Randy Strohmeyer. We’ll keep an eye out on the band’s line up and the release of their upcoming debut album.

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