Exclusive: Jamestown Story – ‘Show Me Tomorrow’ Track By Track

Jamestown Story

Jamestown Story release their new album, Show Me Tomorrow this Tuesday. The man behind the moniker Dane Schmidt took some time to write out a track-by-track for the new album, which you can read below.

You can also score the new album right here. It comes highly recommended by myself and the UTG staff. 

1. Cry

This was actually the last song written and recorded for the album. Colin Kassekert (who I wrote most of the record with) and I wrote the lyrics and music for it, and then we ended up re-writing most of the lyrics with Jordan (who produced the record) after we’d tracked the instruments. I’m very happy with how this one turned out.

2. Forever In Your Debt

This song took a couple of months to write. We started it one night and wrote the intro and 1st verse but then couldn’t come up with anything else, so we let it sit for a month or so before attacking it again. In that time I wrote the bridge/ending and had a chorus idea, so one day Colin and I sat down and hammered out the rest of it and we recorded it later that we. One of my favorite songs I’ve ever recorded!

3. All I’ve Ever Known

This was one of the first songs that we recorded for this record, and it was the first song I’ve ever really sat down and co-wrote with someone. (Colin) I had a chorus idea to start with, along with the intro/verse riffs, and we spent a day or two putting it all together. This is definitely the most dynamic JS song ever recorded as it builds from start to finish and has such a powerful ending

4. Show Me Tomorrow

We started working on this one while we were recording the Xmas album. Jordan came up with the riff, and then several months later we were hanging out jamming and Colin came up with the verse/pre melodies and lyrics. From there I took the idea and added on a chorus and we put it all together in the studio! This song defines the record, as it stands for not being happy with who you are currently, and hoping tomorrow it will all change.

5. Nothing’s Forever

I started writing this song at the beginning of working on this record. It started out as more of a Coldplay-ish type vibe, and after recording the instruments for it we just didn’t like how it was turning out so I put it on the back burner. One night when we were all sitting around I sat behind a piano and started re-working the idea, and we pretty much wrote the song that night. We then rented out Darkhorse Studio, an amazing studio in Nashville, and recorded the song due to them having a grand piano. The lyrics on this chorus are pretty straight forward, but probably some of my favorite lyrics on the record due to the meaning they can have.

6. Scarred

This was one of the last songs we wrote and recorded. I had written what I thought was the song, but after time I started picking it apart and trying to improve it. The first and 2nd verses have always been the same, as I think they are probably my favorite verses I’ve ever written. Like a lot of these songs, Colin and I started writing/working on it one day, and then got stuck so we took a month or so to think about it. One day we decided to sit down and finish it and that’s how the song came to be.

7. Gone

Gone was the first song I had written for this album, and it was recorded about a year and a half ago, and actually written close to 2 years ago. I remember sitting down in my old apartment and coming up with the idea and being so excited about it being a country song. My friend Odin came over one day to jam and pretty much wrote that solo riff idea, which I was stoked about, and then from there we went into Jordan’s old studio in Minneapolis and tracked it. Definitely was a fun song to record!

8. Waking Up

I remember driving from Minneapolis to Nashville one day, which I did about twice a month haha, and getting to Nash at about 9pm. Colin was the only one home and I was full of a bunch of ideas I had been working on. I showed him the riff for this song and while we were jamming out ideas we got hit with a ridiculous storm. I was pretty certain we were going to see a tornado but luckily enough we didn’t. This song was started that night, and after another day of figuring the rest of it out, we took it into the studio where Jordan completely took hold and completely shifted the style of the song. It went from being a more chill/acoustic/Phillip Phillips type of song to a more electronic-ish song and it was super cool to see the change! The end group part in this tune is awesome!

9. One Of Those Days

I mean, the song name kind of speaks for itself. I’d been having a pretty shitty day, and I just went with it. This song was actually written in a night, after I’d gotten done recording. I came inside, started playing the guitar riff, and worked on a few melodies/lyrics. From there I paraded into Colin’s room and we hammered out the rest of it! The next day I took it into the studio and tracked it acoustically. It wasn’t until about 3 or 4 days before the record was going to be finished we added drums and bass after realizing it needed them.

10. Barefoot and Bruised

I’m super proud of how this song turned out. Most of it was written in my apartment while Brandyn Anderson and I were working on new songs. We came up with the piano and melodies one night, and the next day I sat down and finished the lyrics and recorded the demo. We brought the demo down to Nashville and Jordan helped re-work some lyrics and then recorded it. The bridge for this song in the demo was entirely different than the recorded version and I’m so happy we ended up figuring out how it should sound. When that full band comes in it still gives me chills. Is that lame?

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