Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Furious At Medford, OR Audience For Lack Of Respect

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While playing their set in Oregon on Friday (December 14), Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe called for only 60 seconds of silence to remember the fallen children and teachers in Newtown, CT. He did not receive the respect asked for and immediately felt like walking off stage due to members of the audience cursing and laughing during the silence. Read his furious message to the people at the show below and comment with your thoughts.

“…I have never been more disgusted with an audience in my life. I wish we hadn’t played. We, lamb of god, asked for sixty seconds of silence during our 1st set break to honor the dead children & teachers in CT.

It seemed appropriate- it’s a goddamned national TRAGEDY. Most of the crowd complied, but several didn’t, some cursing & even laughing. I wanted to walk off stage. I am so disgusted right now- if you were one of those who wouldn’t shut up for SIXTY LOUSY SECONDS to honor twenty MURDERED CHILDREN- go look in the mirror. You are looking at a piece of shit.

Your parents are obviously pieces of shit too, because they raised you to behave with no dignity. To the fans who were respectful, I thank you. I am also sorry you have so many goddamned assholes in your community.

You should do something about that. This shit would not have happened at a lamb of god show where I live, & that is a FACT. We have more manners. I am just disgusted. Thoroughly DIGUSTED. You yelling people give metal a band name-screw that, you give humanity a bad name.

Grow up. Your parents should have beaten some manners into you, you savage little beasts. With that I will go to bed, say a prayer for those suffering, & hope for a better day tomorrow, because tonight SUCKED.”

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  • Good for him speaking out. I couldn’t agree more and he stated it far more subtly than I would have.

  • M C

    I am embarrassed to be from the same community. I am glad I didn’t go to the show so I didn’t have to be associated with those fucking assholes

  • Lumping an entire community under one general category based on the action of a fraction of individuals from said community is hardly fair. There was only a few people being disrespectful and from what I understand/heard they were drunk. Unfortunately, people are stupid and idiotic. Not everyone here is like that. In fact the majority of us are NOT like that at all! Most of the time Medford is great with respect for stuff like that and our community pulls together in a crisis. Unfortunately there is always going to be that one or two people that fuck it up for everyone.

  • disastronaut

    Sounds about right. I’m from Medford and can attest to its overabundance of assholes and racists. Best thing I ever did was putting that horrible little backwards town in my rear-view mirror.

  • Melody

    Sorry LOG – Medfordian here, though I was unable to attend the show, apologize on behalf of those who did attend.