EP STREAM: Blink-182 – ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’


We talked about the likelihood of something like this happening a little earlier today, and here we are with a complete stream of Blink-182’s upcoming EP, Dogs Eating Dogs. The anticipation for this release has been so great that it seems trivial to attempt recounting the progress the group have made up to this point, so I’ll just go on record now as saying this collection of tracks (in my opinion) far outshine the material found on their last full length. You can stream Dogs Eating Dogs and decide for yourself, after the jump.

There will be even more Blink-182 in 2013. Get ready.

James Shotwell

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  • AMAZING album. WOW WOW WOW! Can’t stop listening. Little shocked at the rapping, but it’s not horrible, just different. Blink & AVA FTW

  • b182

    that would be none other than Yelawolf

  • on my itunes i just have the song end at the 3 minute mark. get yelawolf outta here

  • disqus_5MlLDzoA63

    The worst part about this…. is I heard Boxing Day two weeks ago, so it’s really only like hearing FOUR new songs…. I want more already. Plus I’ve been cock teased with songs for the past week or so. There’s going to be haters, that’s inevitable, but you can completely tell the difference between this and Neighborhoods as far as recording is considered. Well done boys. Well done.

  • disqus_5MlLDzoA63

    Just finished “Pretty Little Girl” and… don’t get me wrong, love blink to death, and the EP is simply wonderful… but Yelawolf…

    Square pegg… Round hole.

  • Joel

    Agree with Jace! awesome EP but need more Mark!