Joe Rogan Self-Releases ‘Live From The Tabernacle’ Special


We teased its release yesterday, and now fans of Joe Rogan’s comedy can rejoice worldwide because his new special, Live From The Tabernacle, is officially for sale on his website.

To be perfectly honest, we were so excited Joe’s special was finally available that we woke up a little extra early today to watch the footage before heading into the office. It goes without saying that comedy is a subjective art form, but the sixty minutes contained within this special had us crying with laughter again and again. Rogan is at the top of his game with this release, and as long as support from his fans is strong he’s promised to try and release something new every year moving forward (similar to the current workhorse style of Louis CK or Doug Stanhope). So please, if you love comedy at all, support this release and spend $5 to make sure your night is filled with laughter.

James Shotwell

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  • Anna

    I love Joe Rogan! The guy is an amazing person, and his podcast is the stuff of legends. I for one will support everything he does.


  • It’s finely tuned for anyone to be able to enjoy it, not just those dirty bitches who follow his podcast. In fact, it may be even funnier to those who don’t know him, he’s found a way to make his intellect consumable, which is the key to his success of late.