Sounds Familiar: Week 11

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Continuing our expansion of original content, Under The Gun Review presents its latest column, Sounds Familiar, dedicated to trawling the world and web for the latest remixes, redos, and reminiscent bits that our newest columnist Julia McAlpine finds appealing. Be prepared for some diversity in your music library. The songs may not be new, but they will be different and worth a spin.

If you have a remix or cover that you would like to see featured here, let us know! Write with the subject “Sounds Familiar” and we’ll take a listen!

Wake Owl – “Gold” (Noah Hyde/Magic Sword Remix)

I absolutely love this remix of Wake Owl’s “Gold”! The original song is one of those pleasant indie tunes with a slight folksy twang, but this remix gives it the perfect beat. The thing I love about remixes like this, is that puts the spotlight on less powerful vocals, as a lot of popular electronic songs feature female vocalists who can truly belt. This song is that ideal mix of upbeat and relaxed that I’ve been partial to as of late. You know, brooding winter days and all that.


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Kodaline – “All My Friends” (LCD Soundsystem Cover)

I honestly can’t get enough of this cover. It’s so simple, gorgeous, and stripped down without feeling empty. LCD Soundsystem is one of those bands I like, but don’t love, and this cover really makes me want to revisit them. The lyrics pop in this rendition and the harmonies add an extra, raw fullness to the track. I just…this song, man. This song.

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Young Wonder – “To You” (Ambassadeurs Remix)

Young Wonder is an awesome electronic duo from Cork, Ireland — one of those bands with really great aesthetic taste to accompany their sound. I love that this remix of “To You” actually calms the song down a bit, distorting the clear female vocals until it reflects an almost masculine sound. Ambassadeurs also replaces the tinny beat with something a little smoother, making this version the gentler sister of the original. I dig it.

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Ellie Goulding – “Hanging On” (Sound Remedy Remix)

It’s really hard not to include Ellie Goulding on here when she’s being remixed right and left as of late. I love this track — I mean, it’s Sound Remedy, so it’s gotta be good! The drop is fantastic and the track is infected with that signature, saccharine Sound Remedy synthesizing. This powerful, catchy track might even be my favorite I’ve heard of Ellie Goulding so far. And, like, we’ve heard a lot of her.

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Sameblod – “Loud” (Summer Heart Remix)

I found this remix back in March, but I still wanted to include it in case you missed it! This Sameblod track definitely received the full Summer Heart treatment here — it sounds distinctly Summer Heart from the start. Sameblod and Summer Heart without a doubt have compatible styles, and I would like them to get together for lunch and make plans for a huge collaboration. Just a suggestion.

[soundcloud URL = “”]

That’s it for this week! Julia is off to try to make friends with Sameblod because they seem like a chipper duo. BFFs, please.

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  • annapearl

    Sound Remedy is actually remixing a cover of Hanging On by Active Child . Seems only fair to credit Active Child , without his composition there is no cover or remix.