UTG LIST: Best Albums of 2012

Under The Gun Review Top Best Albums 2012

All year the Under the Gun Review staff has weighed in on what we thought about the albums the music scene had to offer. This year has been good to us musically, but it’s a really hard process to shave down to our ten favorites of the year.

As you’ll see when you read through our list, genre is not a factor as albums span all different styles and tastes, and is telling about the eclectic nature of our staff. After loads of nominations, voting, and arguments, UTG is very proud to share with you our favorite albums of 2012.

Click through the break to see what artists we chose, and we want to thank you for our most successful year yet as an Under the Gun family.

10. Between the Buried and Me – The Parallax II: Future Sequence

When a band already considered to be one of the most talented metal bands of the last decade releases what could be considered their most cohesive and focused album to date, what do you say? I guess we should just thank them for somehow improving on a formula that was already on the border of perfection, taking incredibly technical and difficult music and interspersing moments of fun and curiosity.

Written By: Jordan Munson

9. Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

Imagine Dragons’ 2012 full-length début, ‘Night Visions’ single-handedly bought the Las Vegas quartet a one-way train ticket to stardom with no signs of slowing down. It’s a fun album that dabbles in pop, electronica, indie and arena-style rock that shows off their creativity in an amusing and original way. There’s no doubt in my mind that Imagine Dragons worked their asses off to even be considered for one of these lists, and damnit, I think they’ve earned it.

Written By: Anthony Glasso

8. Right Away, Great Captain! – The Church of the Good Thief

If you can listen to the first 60 seconds of The Church of the Good Thief, the third album in the Right Away, Great Captain trilogy without crediting Andy Hull with the title of poet your heart is hard and your mind is jaded. Creating more of a novel than an album, Hull’s concept for Right Away, Great Captain borders on the brilliance of Hemingway himself. His concept has Hull tell the story of a 17th century sailor who returns home to find his wife between the sheets with his very own brother. Hull uses the trilogy, consisting of The Bitter End, The Eventually Home and The Church of the Good Thief, to take a first person perspective of the emotions this captain is left with following the tragic events in his life. The results create a trio of albums possessing a story worthy of a broadway stage.

Written By: Josh Hammond

7. Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood of Colour

Ever since the band’s début they’ve pushed the envelope of what you can do smashing post-hardcore and electronic music together into one package and A Flash Flood Of Color is no different. Somehow Enter Shikari have taken a somewhat cheesy idea to unimaginable heights, crafting catchy, raucous songs that fit a variety of feelings and moods–all of which are on very real, politically charged topics. Quite indicative of their musical style, they say in one track “Yeah, yeah, we’re nice guys–until we’re not!”

Written By: Jordan Munson

6. fun. – Some Nights

With theatrical vocals and dramatic songwriting, Fun. has managed to capture the attention of the world with their bleeding heart harmonies. Some Nights serves as the boys’ most polished and addicting album to date, include the catalog featuring The Format. True to form the band is raw and real, holding nothing back and leaving everything on the mix.

Written By: Josh Hammond

5. John Mayer – Born and Raised

Coping with a debilitating throat condition that has hindered him from singing live for over a year now, Mayer was able to complete the album before undergoing surgery and another bout of vocal rest. A natural follow-up to Continuum, Born & Raised is a mature and refined piece of work designed for long drives and aging souls.

Written By: Jacob Tender

4. Deftones – Koi No Yokan

Diamond Eyes was a band showing it could recover from tragedy, and Koi No Yokan is the Deftones moving on. This album gives a unique taste of alternative and metal, proving to be their best work in years. Though their whole catalog is great, Koi No Yokan may actually be my favorite. I’ll be rocking out to this for a long time.

Written By: Dan Bogosian

3. The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten

Handwritten flawlessly extends the signature sound that The Gaslight Anthem has perfected over the course of their last three albums. Slamming emotional and energetic punk with timeless elements of Americana they’ve again pulled off both of New Jersey’s historic sounds.

Written By: Josh Hammond

2. Basement – colourmeinkindness

Plain and simple: colourmeinkindness is a beautiful album that bands only hope to write in their last moments as a group. While it was extremely disheartening to see them say goodbye as a band, Basement leaves on the highest of notes, creating a cohesive, beautiful, emotional roller coaster of a record. From the opening chords of “Whole” to the final build up of “Wish” Basement brings you on a journey that will definitely be written in punk history as one of the most graceful swan songs in recent memory.

Written By: Tyler Osborne

1. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

Exploding onto the scene in 2012, Frank Ocean dropped a refreshing R&B crossover smash in Channel Orange, grabbing the attention of both R&B fans and haters alike. Telling stories somewhat similar to the typical R&B love story, but told in a way more easily relatable to your average indie kid. Witty lyricism, insidious hooks, fantastic production, interesting songwriting–Channel Orange has it all.

Written By: Jordan Munson


Love or hate some of our picks? Let us know in the comments section what your Top 10 of the year are!

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