WATCH: Dan “Soupy” Campbell From The Wonder Years Talk Tattoos And Getting Mobbed In South Asia Malls

Ben Soupy Campbell The Wonder Years Small Talks

Record label Run For Cover just released the latest installment of their Small Talks series, this time profiling Dan “Soupy” Campbell of The Wonder Years. For those of you not in the know, the Small Talks interviews provide fun, vignette-y views into the lives of some of the label’s favorite artists.

Campbell’s Small Talks is no different. It sounds like band life has been mighty good to The Wonder Years’ frontman; the first question of the feature is, “So now you’re not sad anymore, what’s good?”

Between the anecdotes of botched tattoos, pigeon thanksgiving dolls, and getting swarmed by thousands of fans in a mall in Manila, it’s worth a few minutes of your time this weekend. Check out the full clip after the jump.

If you’re craving even more Small Talks after this, get your fix by checking out the one they did with Brianna Collins from Tigers Jaw here.

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  • “…Do not mark your skin with tattoos….” Lev. 19:28, The Holy Bible.