STREAM: The Woodsman’s Babe (ex-MyChildren MyBride) – “Red Or White”

The Woodsman's Babe

Back in March 2012 when Joe Lengson announced in a lengthy blog post he would be leaving the band MyChildren MyBride, he made a quick mention that he was already in the midst of starting a new band that would be neither metal or hardcore. Nine months later, he made a debut of his latest indie/folk project, The Woodsman’s Babe, with the release of his latest song, “Red Or White”.

Follow the jump for an excerpt of Lengson’s statement on TWB, and a stream of “Red Or White”.

To whom it may concern,

People who know who I am, fans of my previous band, listeners of organic music; an announcement regarding my future in music:

I spent an entire year composing, recording and preparing for my next musical project. I feel I am now ready to exhibit my first track. I feel it is a fine inceptive track to introduce my new project; however my creative endeavor is not limited to the bounds of this tracks genre. Currently, my ten track album is incredibly diverse, yet still indistinguishable. If you care in the least bit what this year has looked like for me, or what my future is heading towards, this is the perfect example. More information coming soon. [Source]

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