REVIEW: The Words We Use – Morals EP


Artist: The Words We Use
Album: Morals EP
Genre: Post hardcore
Label: None

There is no shortage of bands nowadays. They have many names, different styles and members ranging from one musician to seventeen of them (or more!). With so much available it’s easy to find something to suit your personal musical needs. If you are on the hunt for some new post hardcore music, for example, you might be interested in learning more about The Words We Use. They recently released their debut four track EP titled Morals, which we have reviewed for you today.

The EP starts off with a track called “56 Chances”. This song is definitely one of the best of the four. The vocals for both the clean and unclean vocalist are the strongest elements to this track. While the vocalists deliver their impassioned verses, some of the lyrics are not very compelling, and take away from the experience.

The song “Building Coral Castle” featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens is the shining track on the EP. Part of the chorus is sung by the whole band (I am assuming) throughout the song which adds a nice orchestral sound. The clean and the unclean vocalists show off their range and vocal control. The track ends with Kellin’s distinct voice singing a new chorus then moves into the punishing growls of the unclean vocals closing the song.

Considering the band hasn’t been together for very long they are off to a good start. They definitely have some areas where there could be improvement, and maybe they will get the chance to do so as they gain some more experience. The unclean vocals are pretty great, and probably one of the best elements of the band. The clean vocals aren’t something we’ve never heard before, but could become an invaluable part of the band with creatively written lyrics.

While overall the EP is enjoyable to listen to, there are times where some of the lyrics don’t match up with the level of sound coming from the rest of the band. If they take the time to develop the words they write like they have with their singing they could be successful. The instrumental parts generally sound the same between each track, and could use an extra element in each to add some depth to the sound. If you’re looking to add some more music to your library though it’s worth picking up at least “Building Coral Castle”.

SCORE: 6.5/10

Review written by: Kriston McConnell

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