Lil Wayne Gets “Baked” Tattooed Onto His Forehead

lil wayne baked tattoo

It’s not what you think, guys. No, guys, GUYS. I mean it.

It’s about skateboards.

Rapper Lil Wayne has gotten the word “BAKED” tattooed onto his forehead in homage to Baker Skateboards. Don’t believe it? Note the similarities between the design of the ink and Baker Skateboards’ logo.

Lil Wayne’s love affair with skateboards and skate culture has been well documented. Around Thanksgiving time the rapper stated his intention to make skateboarding his primary focus. In an interview for MTV, Sway Calloway asked the Young Money Entertainment founder, “If it was four years from now and you had to choose, would you be a rapper, a skateboarder…” “Skater,” Lil Wayne replies, without hesitation (though he would amend his aspirational career to be “skater/sports analyst” later on in the interview).

So haters, take note! You can question Lil Wayne’s love of skateboarding no longer. He got it tattooed on his face, so you know it’s real.

Hat tip to Lil Wayne HQ for the image.

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