DOWNLOAD: Alcoa (Derek of Defeater) – “Keep Track / Lose Track”


We’re really excited to finally share with you the first single off of folk side project Alcoa’s debut full-length, “Keep Track / Lose Track,” and it’s really awesome. For those who don’t know, Alcoa is the folk rock side-project of frontman Derek Archambault of Massachusetts hardcore band Defeater. If you’re one of those music goers who likes the acoustic tracks by Defeater more than their heavier material, this is the song for you. “Keep Track / Lose Track” fits perfectly with the vibe Defeater has on their softer songs, and is definitely for fans of The Tower and the Fool and other Americana artists.

Want to know what the best part about this release though? It’s a full length. Not just a one off EP that has five tracks; a full blown full length titled Bone & Marrow, due out on February 26 via Bridge 9 Records.

You check out and get a free download of the new song on here, but if you want to see the album artwork for the new full-length, click through the break!

Tyler Osborne

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