RUMOR: The Postal Service Reunion Happening

the postal service

The internet can be a great place, because its spontaneous microblogging and, quite frankly, sheer overload of information allows news to happen on the fly and let fans know instantly what the deal is. Unfortunately, it also allows websites to post a sincere lack of information about what’s going on for maximum hits. One BrooklynVegan has posted an article that says “Postal Service reunion in the works“… that has nothing more than a photo of the band, the headline, and a tag of Coachella. Seriously. That’s it.

We’ll try to update you here if they update their post, or if the source of BrooklynVegan’s speaks up. The Postal Service‘s website (here) hasn’t been updated since 2010. Ben Gibbard just finished the cycle for his debut solo album and Death Cab For Cutie seems to have nothing in the works, so a one-off TPS reunion or short tour would make some sense. That said, the photo that you see here and the headline is all the internet is going off of at this point.

We should also point out that as recently as October, Ben said nothing was going on with TPS.

You can see BrooklynVegan’s “article” here. I’m warning you, though: there’s nothing to see there.

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