REVIEW: Stellar Young – Everything at Once


Band: Stellar Young
Album: Everything at Once
Genre: Indie/Rock
Label: Unsigned

It’s inspiring whenever a brand new band struts out onto the music scene with fresh, original music that stops listeners in their tracks. That’s how I felt when I first started listening to Everything at Once by Stellar Young, Albany, New York’s new favorite indie-rock band.

Everything at Once opens up with a song called “Playing With Guns”. The track slowly begins with the sound of children playing as a piano sets the tone for the rest of the album, accurately demonstrating Stellar Young’s relaxed yet catchy vibe. With its memorable vocal lines and unique energy, “Playing With Guns” is the perfect way to kick off this album.

Immediately following “Playing With Guns”, tracks like “Restless” and “The Universe Is A Bully” really pick up the pace of the album. I believe that these songs are meant to keep the listener engaged, fulfilling their roles effortlessly, giving the album a more well rounded personality.

Undoubtedly, Everything at Once’s single is “We Own Nothing”. The song has a quality to it that places the listener in a completely different atmosphere. I think the distinct vocals performed by John Glenn are incredible on this track, as his open, fun and inviting attitude grabs the listener.

“Alright” is definitely my favorite track on the album. The song is slower-paced than most of the rest of the tracks on Everything at Once. It’s also kind of obvious that Stellar Young wanted to explore this track more, musically speaking. The song really shows off the talents of Stellar Young’s guitar players, Erik Flora and Kyle Hatch, as their parts intertwine to create something truly beautiful.

The album closes with a track called “Animals”. It’s laid back and a bit bluesy at times. Again, during this song, the guitars put on an amazing performance throughout the bridge, slowly putting the album to rest until the song finishes.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that other tracks on this album, such as “The Misses” and “Speak Now (Good Man)” certainly help to round out Everything at Once’s personality. “The Misses” is a ballad of sorts while “Speak Now (Good Man)” is a poppier, bluesier tune. Every track is worth a listen because each track provides new surprises.

Everything at Once by Stellar Young ties together refreshing creativity with subtly innovative musicianship. Combining indie, rock, blues and jam band influences, it’s clear that Stellar Young writes music solely because it’s what they love to do. That being said, Everything at Once is an album capable of freeing your mind, making it a really enjoyable album worthy of sharing with the people you care about. Especially long drives with Everything at Once on repeat are highly recommended. Pick it up on Stellar Young’s BandCamp or stream it on Spotify.

SCORE: 8.5/10
Review written by: Anthony Galasso

Anthony Galasso

A native of New Brunswick, NJ, Anthony graduated from Rutgers University majoring in Journalism & Media Studies. He loves music, design, social networking and 'Rocky' movies. He also owns and operates his own clothing line, Breathe Atlantic.
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