REVIEW: Vera Grace – The Lucifer Effect

Vera Grace

ARTIST: Vera Grace
ALBUM: The Lucifer Effect
GENRE: Metalcore

There is a good chance that you’ve never heard of Vera Grace before – they are an up and coming unsigned metal outfit hailing from Oxfordshire, England. They will be self-releasing a four track EP titled The Lucifer Effect February 2, which we have reviewed for you today.

This band is bringing in their own unique sound into the UK metalcore scene and so far they seem to be making some waves. The song that best represents what the band is aiming for would be the first track, “Carrier”. It’s slow and deliberate, which is the opposite of what’s usually associated with metalcore/hardcore music.

Another track worth mentioning is the single “The Father’s Eyes”. While this is a solid track the biggest issue would be the repetition of part of the chorus. While repetition is a great tool to convey an idea it’s not a good idea to use with too much frequency.

While these guys have definitely made a valiant effort on their EP, there are some areas that need to be improved upon if the band hopes to have a future in music. Whether or not their sound will be something that will catch on across the country remains yet to be seen. If they take the time to develop their writing skills and vocals they could have the potential to be a part of a new sound for metalcore fans.

Though the EP is relatively short, it’s an enjoyable listen. If you are a fan of metalcore you might enjoy this as well.

SCORE: 6/10

Review written by: Kriston McConnell

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