TV TEASER: Hemlock Grove


Well here’s something exciting: Netflix released a teaser for their new original series Hemlock Grove. From director Eli Roth, the story follows and deals with the murder of a high school girl in Hemlock Grove. Hemlock Grove is based off of Brian McGreevy’s novel of the same name, which came out in March of 2012.

This is a Netflix original series, so instead of just getting one episode a week for thirteen weeks, Netflix is giving you all thirteen, one hour episodes on the premiere date, April 19. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s really freaking awesome. This is perfect for this generation’s marathon consumption of TV, and I know I personally will be eating this series up come April. And hell, Eli Roth directed the pilot. One can assume this is going to be fun.

You can check out the teaser after the break, and let UTG know what you think of both the series, and Netflix’s foray into producing TV.

Tyler Osborne

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