Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players Members Announced

dave grohl

Dave Grohl has let the cat out of the bag on his one-off supergroup, and the lineup is jam packed with stars. It unsurprisingly includes, according to NME, members of the Foo Fighters (Dave himself, drummer Taylor Hawkins, guitarist Chris Shiflett, and bassist and Sunny Day Real Estate member Nate Mendel), Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen, CCR frontman John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, and former Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Alan Johannes, among others. Judging by how there are multiple singers, multiple drummers, and multiple bassists, I would guess that the lineup will change depending on the song and not just have a crazy amount of people on stage at the same time, much in the vein of Grohl’s Probot project. Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is also slated to appear, but there are supposedly more members still yet to be announced.

Dave Grohl is slated for a busy year with the new Queens of the Stone Age album and his documentary premier. Perhaps further down the line another Them Crooked Vultures album will come; Grohl last said on it, “We’ve talked about it, I know that someday we’ll get back together and do stuff, because we love playing with each other“.  We’ll be sure to show you videos of the Sound City Players from the performance after South by Southwest, where the group is going to perform.

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  • John

    FUCK!! I want a TCV tour dammit!!