Taylor Swift Supposedly Has A Grip Of Songs Written About Her One Direction Ex

taylor swift

We all knew this was going to happen.

Alright everyone, collective sigh on the count of three. One… Two… UGH.

Serial monogamist Taylor Swift tweeted about going back into the studio on Friday.

This wouldn’t be news worthy in and of itself three days after the fact except that Swift is reportedly thinking about laying down not one, not two, but five tracks about her relationship with her most recent famous ex Harry Styles, of One Direction/unkept hair fame, during these sessions according to Oh No They Didn’t!.

Complex notes that the bad romance shared by Swift and Styles only lasted 66 days. C’mon guys. Even Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were able to maintain an ill advised marriage longer than that. Though this begs the question, which starlett will be able to profit more ably off of her relationshit? Over/under goes to Swift, +$1 million on three songs. Place your bets now, y’all.

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