This weekend saw a great reception to the return of Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal’s joint efforts with Zero Dark Thirty.

The film, a dramatic take on one of the biggest front-page stories of the decade, sat atop the rest of the competition at 24 million. It seems as if this isn’t much of a surprise seeing as how the film was made by the same director/writer team behind the Oscar-winning picture, The Hurt Locker. Up after that was the disappointing horror-comedy, A Haunted House. The rest of this weekend’s top 10 films can be found right after the jump.

  1. Zero Dark Thirty ($24 million)
  2. A Haunted House ($18.8 million)
  3. Gangster Squad ($16.7 million)
  4. Django Unchained ($11.1 million)
  5. Les Misérables ($10.1 million)
  6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($9.1 million)
  7. Lincoln ($6.3 million)
  8. Parental Guidance ($6.1 million)
  9. Texas Chainsaw 3D ($5.2 million)
  10. Silver Linings Playbook ($5 million)
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