Notorious B.I.G.’s Daughter Pays Homage To Her Father With Lip Tattoo

tyanna wallace lip tattoo big

T’yanna Wallace, daughter of late rapper Notorious B.I.G., recently got a lip tattoo in memory of her famous father.

“Business instead of games !” read the caption to the Instragram post in which Wallace shared her new ink with the world. A couple of keystrokes, anonymous missives, and passed judgements later, Wallace would tweet (and then delete), “LMAO NAH WORLDSTAR TOO! NOW YA”LL ODING LIKE YALL NEVER SEEN A LIP TAT”. Isn’t that shocking, people being surprised by the actions of the youth ON THE INTERNET.

This isn’t the first piece that Wallace has gotten to commemorate her father: Biggie’s visage has a permanent place on her right shoulder blade, adorned with angelic wings. Would you be surprised to learn that she put a picture of that tattoo online as well? No?! You must be some kind of psychic or something.

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