Frank Turner Announces Release Date For Next Album, ‘Tape Deck Heart’


We previously reported about Frank Turner‘s recording back in October, but now we have some concrete information to go on. His next album, Tape Deck Heart, will come out on Xtra Mile Recordings on April 22. There are currently no US pre-orders, but they should be coming soon.

Tape Deck Heart will be the first studio album from Frank since 2011’s England Keep My Bones. We’re definitely looking forward to it here at UTG. The track list can be viewed after the jump.

1. Recovery
2. Losing Days
3. The Way I Tend To Be
4. Plain Sailing Weather
5. Good & Gone
6. Tell Tale Signs
7. Four Simple Words
8. Polaroid Picture
9. The Fisher King Blues
10. Anymore
11. Oh Brother
12. Broken Piano
13. We Shall Not Overcome *
14. Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons *
15. Tattoos *
16. Undeveloped Film *
17. Time Machine *
18. Cowboy Chords *
* = deluxe edition only

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