LYRIC VIDEO: My Bitter End – “Nostalgic Sentiments”


If you’re in need of a big heaping helping of heavy this evening, look no further! My Bitter End has you covered, and we have them covered.

Nearly six years ago, My Bitter End released The Renovation which was the best metal album out by a band that no one knew of. It still absolutely slays. Seriously, check it out. After The Renovation, the band seemed to have somewhat disappeared sadly, but now in 2013, out of the blue, they drop a new track via lyric video. A track that will apparently be on a new EP which releases March 19 through We Are Triumphant Records. I saw this and got hard like Metal Mario. Hard like Link’s iron boots. Metal Gear Solid. You get the idea.

The only thing is, the band sounds entirely different than they did in 2006/07. They seem to have adopted a lot of the djent and deathcore sounds that have evolved over the past few years. It’s to be expected but I kind of miss the old MBE. Either way, this song will likely make you bang your head and destroy a thing or two. Get prepared for these breakdowns… seriously. Watch the lyric video for “Nostalgic Sentiments” after the jump.

Brian Leak

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