MUSIC VIDEO: James Iha – “Speed Of Love”

james iha

James Iha, axe slinger most famous for his time with The Smashing Pumpkins during their heyday, has been keeping himself mighty busy since he split with Billy Corgan and co.

Just don’t expect everything he does to sound even remotely Pumpkins-esque. Iha manages to split his time between a couple of different bands, including A Perfect Circle and Tinted Windows, a supergroup with members from Hanson and Cheap Trick (!!!).

But onto the matter at hand. Iha, despite that loaded ledger that I just laid out, found enough time to record his second solo album Look to the Sky. And the latest track to get the video treatment from Look to the Sky is “Speed of Love”, a catchy, new wavey slice of guitar rock goodness.

Interested? Intrigued. You’re in luck. Check out the video for “Speed of Love” after the jump. 

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