REVIEW: Lovelectric – An Ovation For Innovation

Lovelectric Ovation

Band: Lovelectric
Album: An Ovation For Innovation
Genre: Rock/Pop
Label: Unsigned

I can already tell it’s going to be an amazing year for NY/NJ pop-rock act, Lovelectric. In fact, had their new EP, An Ovation For Innovation, been released any earlier, it would’ve easily made the top of my Best of 2012 list for UTG, hands down. That said, An Ovation For Innovation isn’t full of the generic pop-rock of today. It’s big. It’s catchy. It has flair. And it’s awesome.

From the get-go, the EP’s opening track, “I Am”, drew me in. As soon as the guitars hit that one opening chord, it was clear what I was getting into, and I wasn’t mad about it. Once the song truly opened up, the feel-good vibe from the song’s verses can only be outdone by its gigantic powerpop choruses sung by the band’s vocalist/guitarist, Doug Rockwell (ex – Someday Never). Oh. And there’s an amazing guitar solo? In a pop-rock song? Yeah. This EP already rules.

Following “I Am”, Lovelectric doesn’t let up. With memorable lyrics that are easily relatable, “My Very Own Road” is an open and even inspirational track. The guitars are huge and harmonized, giving the track that big 80’s rock sound. The call-and-response style chorus is perfect for sing-alongs. And what’s this? Another ridiculous guitar solo? I’m sold.

The band’s single, “Live Again”, is a bit more straightforward than its predecessors. However, it’s still insanely catchy, staying true to Lovelectric’s brand of pop-rock thus far. Plus, at one point, Rockwell gives us a taste of what his pipes can really do as he belts out a wonderfully performed  bridge before yet another great guitar solo. Following “Live Again”, “Battle Scars” is possibly the catchiest track on the entire EP. The song is also jammed with bouncy melodies, great guitar work and fun dynamics.

“The Edge” is an angsty track bursting with musical explosions. This song has a lot of aspects to it, from somewhat dark and mysterious to fun and exciting. Most of all, I love the guitar work in this song. Intricate guitar riffs line up perfectly to create fun harmonies, and I love harmonies (as most music enthusiasts do). And yep, you guessed it, there’s another great guitar solo.

The final track on the album, “New Time Comin'” has to be my favorite track on the album. This track adds one key element that I wish Lovelectric would have run with throughout the duration of An Ovation To Innovation — horns. The track opens up with a bright, vibrant horn section, giving the song a Blues Brothers type of vibe. It’s catchy. It’s clever. It’s fun. And, like the rest of the album, it makes me want to dance. If you’re going to check out An Ovation For Innovation, I’d recommend listening to this song first.

Personally speaking, An Ovation For Innovation is the pop-rock EP I’ve been waiting to hear for years. Some of today’s more seasoned pros could take some serious pointers from Lovelectric. Everything they’ve accomplished with this EP shows their determination to create one of the best pop-rock EPs of the year…and it’s only January. The vocals, the guitar work, the musicianship, everything fits together to form one exceptionally well-produced piece of pop-rock gold. Seriously, every song on An Ovation For Innovation is radio ready. As far as I can tell, it won’t be long before Lovelectric’s name is plastered on posters all over the country. Stream and purchase An Ovation For Innovation on Lovelectric’s BandCamp.

SCORE: 9/10
Review written by: Anthony Galasso

Anthony Galasso

A native of New Brunswick, NJ, Anthony graduated from Rutgers University majoring in Journalism & Media Studies. He loves music, design, social networking and 'Rocky' movies. He also owns and operates his own clothing line, Breathe Atlantic.
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