MUSIC VIDEO: The Dear Hunter – “Home”

The+Dear+Hunter 2013

The beauty that is The Dear Hunter has returned to Under The Gun Review with a brand new music video for “Home”.

This track will appear on the group’s forthcoming live DVD of The Color Spectrum, which hits stores this year. The original 9 EP’s were released as a box set back in 2011 and UTG still is jamming them to this day. Pick up over on iTunes.

Click through to enjoy the magic of The Dear Hunter’s live performance as well as the entire track-listing for the live DVD. We hope you check out TDH if you are not familiar.

The Dear Hunter The Color Spectrum Live DVD Track-list:
01. Never Forgive Never Forget
02. Filth And Squalor
03. Take More Than You Need
04. This Body
05. I Couldn’t Do It Alone
06. A Curse Of Cynicism
07. Deny It All
08. We’ve Got A Score To Settle
09. Echo
10. Stuck On A Wire Out On A Fence
11. A Sea Of Solid Earth
12. But There’s Wolves
13. She’s Always Singing
14. The Dead Don’t Starve
15. A Sua Voz
16. Misplaced Devotion
17. Things That Hide Away
18. The Canopy
19. Crow And Cackle
20. The Inheritance
21. Tripping In Triplets
22. Trapdoor
23. What You Said
24. The Collapse Of The Great Tide Cliffs
25. What Time Taught Us
26. Mandala
27. Progress
28. Therma
29. Mr. Malum
30. Lillian
31. Too Late
32. Look Away
33. Home
34. Fall And Flee
35. No God
36. Lost But Not All Gone

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