WATCH: Elliott Smith And Brad Mehldau On ‘The Jon Brion Show’


Jon Brion is best known as the guy who assembled some pretty awesome soundtracks – in addition to working with Paul Thomas Anderson on Magnolia (god bless you, Aimee Man) and Punch Drunk Love, he also worked on the music for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Apparently, in the year 2000, PTA and Jon pitched the idea of a variety show hosted by Jon (cleverly titled The Jon Brion Show). The pilot episode’s guests? Elliott Smith and Brad Mehldau.

Paul Thomas Anderson posted the video to his Youtube account recently, saying “I tore up the floorboards at H.Q. the other day and came up with this little number on VHS. She holds up well.” It really does; it’s amazing something could be unreleased for thirteen years and still sound so delicate. Watch the whole episode with a beautiful live performance after the break.


If you only care for Elliott, skip ahead to 2:45.

Dan Bogosian

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