Lupe Fiasco’s Incendiary Set Gets Him Booted From Inauguration Concert

lupe fiasco startup rockon

It looks like Lupe Fiasco was staging a political protest from the bully pulpit of a headlining slot.

StartUp RockOn, or #SURO if you’re talking about them on Twitter or something, is an events/promotions company aimed at the startup and the entrepreneurial set. Sunday night, StartUp RockOn staged a concert, their Inauguration Celebration, in recognition of President Obama’s swearing in for his second term.

So who better to help ring in the next four years of the Obama Administration than Lupe Fiasco? A rapper from the President’s hometown who’s also a conscious, passionate voice in the hip-hop community? Sounds like a slam dunk.

Oops, there’s the buzzer. It’s too bad that whoever booked the show didn’t realize that Fiasco isn’t really a fan of the President. Even worse for that poor soul, Fiasco took the stage last night wanting to make a statement. 

That’s the first in a slew of tweets from Josh Rogin, a Washington DC-based reporter for Foreign Policy Magazine. How official! Let’s see what else Rogin and others had to say.

The photo at the top from Instagram user and aforementioned tweeter kelli_jo_1, shows Fiasco just after he left the stage.

The real victims here were the people in attendance. It sounds like Fiasco was in rare form in more ways than one that night.

StartUp RockOn has kept mum since the debacle. Better luck next inauguration guys?

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