Never Shout Never To Begin Recording New Album Next Week; Reveal Title

Never Shout Never 2012

Christofer Drew does not sleep, or if he does it’s rare that he gets more than an hour or two of rest at a time because nothing else could explain the vast amount of material he’s been able to compile in recent years. Having just released a new Never Shout Never album at the end of 2012 (November’s Indigo), one would think he and his bandmates either take a break or tour, but that could not be further from the truth.

According to a tweet posted by Drew through his Loveway Records Twitter and Instagram, Never Shout Never will once again enter the studio this coming Monday to begin working on what will eventually become their next album. The post also mentioned that the album will be titled Sunflower, but did not provide any meaning or reasoning behind the selection. Knowing Drew, all will likely be revealed in the coming weeks.

This album is not the only one fans can expect from Drew this year. His long-delayed solo album is supposedly coming, as well as the debut from his dubstep project, Gonzo. Who knows? Maybe EATMEWHILEIMHOT will put out a record and he’ll cover all his bases in twelve months.

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