Serpents (ex-Oceano) Announce New Album


Remember Serpents? The self-proclaimed “Blackened Deathcore” band was founded by Andrew Mikhail, an ex-member of the recently resurrected Oceano. The band has just recently came out of their short-lived hiatus with news of an album in the very near future. Rather than bouncing ideas off of others, Mikhail decided to take matters into his own hands and record much of it on his own, with the exception of Derek Moffat behind the mixing boards, and Dusty Boles of Make Me Famous assisting on some drum tracks.

Their latest album in the works is titled ???? ?? ?????, which literally translates as Born of Ishtar… pretty metal, right? The album will be found wherever digital music is sold on February 5, 2013.

Follow the jump for the album’s art and tracklist.

Serpents Born Of Ishtar Album

1.The Era of Oblivion
2.The Omniscient’s Scorn
3.The Herald of Heresy
4.The Ruin of Cyclicity
5.The Requiem
6.The Dominion of Deprivation
7.The Punishment of Existence
8.The Epilogue
9.The Shadow of Timelessness (Bonus Track)

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