Brian Fallon Releases Statement On Recording Solo, Future Gaslight Anthem Plans

Brian Fallon

Brian Fallon, frontman for The Gaslight Anthem, outlined some of his future plans in a statement posted to his Tumblr this morning.

Not one for long winded screeds, Fallon gets right to the heart of the matter:

I’m definitely on a new page, and I have to start there. So, I’m going to make a record by myself, hopefully sometime this year. I’ve just started to work on these songs now, as well as new Gaslight Anthem songs for our next record.

So fret not, fans of Gaslight! The Jersey boys aren’t breaking up any time soon. Though it sounds like life on the road and in the studio for the past couple years might have finally necessitated a little vacation for the group:

There’s no termoil or anything with Gaslight, we’re going to be writing too, but I’m sure we’re gonna need a breather after this year of touring before we go in to make our next record.   So since I can’t sit still, I’m gonna make another record.   It’s what happens when you don’t do drugs, you end up with a lot of down time.  So I fill that time with songs now.

Here’s to you Brian, for fighting off your demons with your music. We can’t wait for your solo record to come out.

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