Vanna Stream New Song “Year Of The Rat”

Vanna 2013

Boston, MA hardcore outfit Vanna are bursting onto the scene today, with a stream of their new song “Year Of The Rat”. Listen right here!

This song is coming off of the group’s follow-up to And They Came Baring Bones, entitled The Few And Far Between, releasing on March 13 through Artery Recordings / Razor & Tie. Pre-order your special package for The Few And Far Between starting today. The album was produced by Jay Maas out in Boston.

What are your thoughts on this angry new song from Vanna?

The Few And Far Between
1. The Few and the Far Between
2. The Lost Art of Staying
3. Year of the Rat
4. I Said I’m Fine
5. Casket Rhythm
6. The Weekly Slap in the Face
7. Please Stay
8. A Thin Place
9. The Dreamer/The Thief/The Relic
10. When in Roam
11. His Heels

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  • It’s great. A pleasant surprise after Evan’s departure. And I’m not just saying “Yeah, it’s okay for a new song,” No, it’s really good. Angry is the perfect word to describe it. Just as it is for 80% of their other songs; which is how it should be. That’s what they do best, that’s why I like, no, love this band. Vanna continues to be one of the greats.