WATCH: Chris Hornbrook (Poison The Well) Audition For Queens Of The Stone Age

queens of the stone age 2011

Queens of the Stone Age had Dave Grohl record on their upcoming album, but apparently were doing an open search for who would replace former drummer Joey Castillo live. One drummer selected to audition was Chris Hornbrook, best known from post-hardcore band Poison The Well. He didn’t get selected, but had told the story, saying “So a good friend of mine was told to round up a group of drummers to video audition for QOTSA with the departure of Joey Castillo. Pretty much as this was being finished up, they apparently picked his replacement; even before I had a chance to submit mine! Bummer. Regardless, it was super fun learning and recording this song.” That said, we still don’t know who the replacement is, as Dave is on the record as not drumming for them live.

He posted the video of his audition – Queens of the Stone Age’s “First it giveth” from Lullabies To Paralyze, one of their hardest songs to play on drum set – on Youtube. Click “Read more” to watch his performance (he totally nails it).

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