Issues Post Personal Message To A Fan


Issues have posted a personal message to a fan via their Tumblr page. It seems as though Tyler Carter met a fan who really affected him at their show today, and he felt the need to leave them a message for everyone to see. The message is not only for the one fan that he met, but for all of the band’s fans. You can read the entire post by checking below the jump.

It’s great when musicians connect with fans, and it’s even better when we get to see them express their appreciation for someone who’s touched them.

You and me had a moment, where you got me in tears. I don’t know what it was about you, or how your story touched me so much. But tonight, you came to me with the simple task of getting a picture and an autograph. There was a symbol on your leg that you wore with pride. You didn’t spill your issues onto me, you didn’t beg for attention, you just came as genuine as can be and you captivated my heart. You wore a scar, a group of scars. My heart broke for you, my mind melted into tears that ran down my face because you are a saint. You are a special person, and the way you marched in with those scars set a path for everyone of your kind. I wrote a note to you on the poster, and it said “Your scars don’t define you they make you a fucking soldier.” You called me your hero, but you fight for everyone that feels what you feel and that makes you my hero.

Sometimes when I tour, I feel like I’m too cool to go out into the crowd, I’m too cool to go meet my fans I would rather sit in my green room or in my bus and be my own person because everyone looks up to me. But it takes someone like you to bring me back to earth, and put me back in my right mind because I am not shit without you. If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t even play music, my songs are a product of everything that has gone in, and my lyrics have to be recycled emotions to save the rest of the people who walk amongst us.

This message is directed towards one person, but the principal stands strong for 100’s of you I have met. This message is not written so that you will harm yourself just so I will notice you at a show, please don’t be fucking selfish. This message is intended to show you that I am a real ass dude. I forget my own skin, and I forget why I’m here sometimes. But its my fans, the loves of my life, that keep me grounded on the daily. My purpose in this life is to give you my everything, because I’ve been through a life of pain and suffering too. But like I said before my (mental) scars don’t define me… they make me a soldier… and we are all marching together.

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