STREAM: Frightened Rabbit – ‘Pedestrian Verse’

pedestrian verse frightened rabbit

Scottish mopey indie folkers Frightened Rabbit have been going strong for years. Though to hear them tell it, they might be more inclined to swim out to sea until they can’t see land rather than keep kicking the can down the road with this whole “music career” thing.

I hope they can keep up whatever it is that prevents the band from sinking down to the desperate level to the land where the characters in their maudlin lyrics dwell. Because they’re still putting out awesome music. Case in point, their upcoming fourth album Pedestrian Verse.

With plenty of morose wordiness with equally morose delivery (“knights in shitty armor” is a standout line from opening track “Acts of Man”) married to rousing instrumentation, it’s a worthy addition to their catalog. It’s also the perfect audio accompaniment to this bitterly cold winter!

Grab a pint or a spot of tea and check out a full stream of Pedestrian Verse over at The Guardian UK. Pedestrian Verse is due out on February 4 in the UK and February 5 in the US.

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  • Nabend1401

    Good review, though I think “mopey” is a bit unfair. Winter of Mixed Drinks has a few “happy” songs. So does this one. Although I grant you that there is something in Scott’s voice that always sounds a little bit sad. I think that’s part of what makes it so beautiful to me.