Modern Baseball Signs To Run For Cover Records, Plans Second Pressing Of Debut Album ‘Sports’

modern baseball band

News has just broken that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based punk act Modern Baseball just signed with Boston indie/punk label Run For Cover Records. Congrats guys!

Quick question, can someone tell me why so many good bands are coming out of the eastern end of the Keystone State? Snowing, Literature, Tigers Jaw, Title Fight… seriously, what are they treating the water with down there?

Which isn’t to say that Modern Baseball doesn’t have a sound of their own. Imagine a less Canadian Weakerthans chock full o’ youthful energy and you’d be close. Also, on a few songs, including “Look Out”, they kinda sound like Why?. Yeah.

Modern Baseball released their debut album Sports (a bit on the nose, boys) last year through Lame-O Records. But having just signed with a new label, Sports is getting a re-press and re-release. The second pressing is scheduled to come out on March 12.

Need a taste of Modern Baseball? Check out the stream of their debut album Sports after the jump. 

Pre-order the second pressing of Sports here.

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