Minor Threat Guitarist Doesn’t See The Band Reuniting In The Future

brian baker minor threat

Ultimate-Guitar had a chance to sit down with Bad Religion guitarist (duh) Brian Baker last week just following the release of the California punk band’s 16th (!) album – and their first ever to crack the top 20 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart (!!!) – True North.

However the conversation soon swayed to some of Baker’s older projects including vaunted DC hardcore outfit Minor Threat. We know that Baker is busy with Bad Religion and that MacKaye has been doing some pretty awesome work with his wife in The Evens lately. But can’t Baker see somewhere down the road where the guys in Minor Threat get the band back together? Uh, not really. 

No. That would ruin it I think. Minor Threat was a product of its time and we aren’t minors anymore and we certainly aren’t threatening. I just think to destroy the myth wouldn’t serve anybody.

Besides, it’s not like anybody even liked Minor Threat back in the day.

Minor Threat wasn’t very popular until years after we broke up so I just don’t see any reason to tarnish the idea that people have developed over the years about a band they never saw.

Oh well, maybe it’s for the best. Can you imagine them touring? I bet MacKaye would be lecturing the moshers in the crowd for the better part of the set.

Don’t think for a second that you wouldn’t pay to see that.

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