The Strokes Reveal The Title To Their Upcoming Album

the strokes comedown machine

They’re calling it Comedown Machine.

What exactly is a comedown machine? It doesn’t sound very fun. Don’t you want us to have fun, Julian Casablancas?

Julian Casablancas, apparent hater of fun (but not that fun.), and company in The Strokes just released the title and artwork for their fifth album Comedown Machine. It looks like they’re going for a bit of a retro/vintage-y vibe with this one, if the design is any indication. The rectangular shape of the album cover and the references contained on it like “Splice Free” and “Professional Standard” harken back to the day of cassettes.

Most of you probably don’t hardly know what cassettes are. This is sad.

Head over here to check out the lead single from Comedown Machine, “One Way Trigger”. Pre-order the album, scheduled to come out on March 26 via RCA, here.

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