DirecTV’s Channel Guide Claims Fall Out Boy Will Appear On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ This Month


Just when you thought it was safe to slow the Fall Out Boy comeback excitement, two separate sources are now claiming that the boys from Chicago will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in less than two weeks.

Earlier today, Alter The Press and a slew of other sites began reporting that a non-official late night TV listing site known as Interbridge had listed Fall Out boy as guests for Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s February 13 taping. We saw the news, but thought a more official confirmation was warranted before rushing any headlines.

Flash forward to this afternoon when that confirmation arrived by way of cable provider DirecTV. In their newly updated TV listing for the month of February, Fall Out Boy are not only listed as guests for JKL, but they’re also said to be performing. Yes, you read that right. Fall Out Boy could very well be performing on late night television within the next eleven days.

You can view a screenshot of the DirectTV listing below.

Fall Out Boy have yet to speak out themselves in regards to all the reunion rumors, but signs like this lead us to believe we’ll see something official surface in the near future.

James Shotwell

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  • OWLS

    I’ve done a little bit of research and not only does DirecTV’s guide say it, but AT&T U-verse’s and Dish Network’s both do as well. This is looking more and more legitimate by the second.

  • canadian_girl27

    Shaw Direct in Canada Says That Too… That would be amazing if its true! Have been waiting to see them back together forever!

  • It’s like they’re not sure if they want to get back or not. Being in a band must be very complicated. It’s so exciting at first but later on you get sick of each other…hmm..