My Bloody Valentine’s New Album Is “Going Live” Tonight [UPDATE]

my bloody valentine m b v

UPDATE: My Bloody Valentine launched their new website. Due to overwhelming traffic, it doesn’t work. Surprise surprise. Don’t worry, somebody launched a White House petition to get the band’s website working again. Get on that, Obama!

Über-influential shoegaze act My Bloody Valentine has been teasing their full length followup to Loveless pretty heavily over the past few weeks. They finished mastering it some time before Christmas. According to FACT, lead singer-songwriter Kevin Shields told audiences at a show earlier in the week that the new album, “might be out in two or three days.”

PFFFFFFTTTTT. Yeah, ok. Whatever you say Kevin. But it looks like Shields and co. are making good on their word.

About an hour ago My Bloody Valentine posted on their Facebook that their album would being going up alongside the relaunch of their website.

We are preparing to go live with the new album/website this evening. We will make an announcement as soon as its up.

Then they uploaded the image in this post as their new profile picture. Perhaps it’s the cover art to their new album?

We’ll keep following this as it develops. A tip of the hat to Consequence of Sound for the scoop.


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