ALBUM STREAM: My Bloody Valentine – ‘m b v’

my bloody valentine m b v

Yeah, in case you hadn’t heard, seminal shoegaze act My Bloody Valentine returned with their first album since 1991’s Loveless last night. There was little warning or fanfare. A couple Facebook posts outlining the release, an updated website, and that was about it.

But My Bloody Valentine took an usually forward thinking step for an act that hasn’t put out an album in over two decades – they put the whole thing up on YouTube.

Check out the Youtube clips for m b v after the jump.  

m b v tracklisting:

1. “she found now”
2. “only tomorrow”
3. “who sees you”
4. “is this and yes”
5. “if i am”
6. “new you”
7. “in another way”
8. “nothing is”
9. “wonder 2”

“she found now”

“only tomorrow”

“who sees you”

“is this and yes”

“if i am”

“new you”

“in another way”

“nothing is”

“wonder 2”

So what do you think? Was it worth the wait? Is m b v the Chinese Democracy of early 90s post-punk?

Is it as good as Loveless?

Bear in mind this isn’t the true m b v experience. Each of the tracks has a (barely audible) fade in and fade out and were uploaded as lowish quality mp3s. If you really want to hear the album as it was meant to be heard, why don’t you pick it up?

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