Big D and The Kids Table Launch Kickstarter To Fund Two New Albums


Boston legends Big D and The Kids Table have launched a new Kickstarter to fund the recording and release of two new albums.

We cover Kickstarter accounts on a near daily basis at this point, and to be honest, it’s a bit tiring trying to develop new ways to tell you people you may or may not now have something cool that needs help creating. So, in an attempt to promote campaigns we feel you should get behind without driving ourselves mad in the process, we’re going to let Big D and The Kids Table tell you why you should fund their new efforts:

For those of you lacking the time, patience, or desire for video content, you can read an excerpt from the campaign description below. If you would like to contribute to the campaign, click here to choose which pledge level appeals to you.

Why two records? Big D’s style of music ranges from Ska, Punk, Thrash, Dub, Reggae and Stroll –a style of music they’ve created. This allows Big D to appeal to a diverse collection of listeners. By raising money for these two records, Big D will be able to record an upbeat Ska-Punk record for their fans that love high-energy music as well as a Stroll-Reggae record for listeners who enjoy the band’s more eclectic sound. And, of course, to quench the thirst of the fans of all styles Big D’s music.

Lead singer, David McWane says,

“We are very close with our fans. They are intensely devoted people. They’re similar to Trekies or Harry Potter readers in that they’re just so incredibly supportive.”

By joining up with Kickstarter, Big D will have the means to release more music for their listeners while giving the them the opportunity to be a part of the project. The bundled gifts for contributors are generous. The music is already written and the studio time is already penciled in. If Big D meets their projected goal, they will release the two new records all across the globe, starting this summer with the Van’s Warped Tour (where they won ‘Best Environmental Band’ twice!). After that, Big D plans to headline a tour of the United States followed by tours in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Big D’s message has always been one of hope for the underdog and Kickstarter seems to parallel that message. This opportunity gives Big D the chance to reach out once again to their dedicated listeners, and for their dedicated listeners to be able to listen to a band that reminds them that they are important too.

Please be mindful of Big D and the Kids Table’s first Kickstarter project.

Thanks for your consideration,

Big D and the Kids Table

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