Boondocks Creator Launches Kickstarter for Live-Action ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Film


Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a live-action film featuring one of his most beloved (and reviled) characters.

The Uncle Ruckus Movie began seeking $200,000 in funding on January 30 in hopes of creating a feature length live-action film revolving around popular Boondocks character Uncle Ruckus. The film will be written and directed by McGruder, with actor Gary Anthony Williams taking the lead role (he voices Ruckus in The Boondocks cartoon series). You can read an excerpt from the campaign page below:

Those of you familiar with THE BOONDOCKS already know who Uncle Ruckus is. He’s the hard-working, slur-spitting handyman you love to hate. If you’re not familiar with Uncle Ruckus, it’s difficult to even describe him without violating Kickstarter’s hate speech policy.

If you do know who Uncle Ruckus is, you either really love him or really hate him. But if you’ve made it this far, you probably love him like we do. This is your movie.

To that end, we are raising funds for an R-rated theatrical comedy featuring Uncle Ruckus, to be produced this year. The movie will be written and directed by AARON MCGRUDER, and stars GARY ANTHONY WILLIAMS – who does the voice of Uncle Ruckus on the animated series. The story, which is currently being written, will not involve any of the other regular BOONDOCKS characters, but rather explore a part of the Ruckus family not seen in the show.

Those interested in supporting the creation of an Uncle Ruckus film can do so by following this link. Those needing a bit more information can click below and watch the campaign’s promotional video.

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    1st.. Make it happen Aaron

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    Do a Boondocks movie too c’mon Aaron.

  • Do it to em McGruder haha

  • seeing as we are still waiting for the new season of The Boondocks I bet this will only take 6 years to make…