Vampire Weekend Reveal Basically Everything (Release Date! Artwork! Tour Dates!) About Their Upcoming Third LP ‘Modern Vampires Of The City’

vampire weekend

Yep, that’s really the title.

While all other news is going to pale in comparison to Fall Out Boy’s return, there are other things happening in the music world that we should probably still report on.

Like this. Brooklyn indie rock standard bearers Vampire Weekend have finally fully fleshed out the details for their upcoming third LP Modern Vampires of the City. We’ve got the tracklisting, release date and album artwork after the jump. 

Before this morning Vampire Weekend had been feeding the public little table scraps of information about their highly anticipated third album. They played some new songs live. Then they let us know that their new album was almost finished. Then they said that it was finished.

Then they started playing coy.

Over the weekend the group tweeted a picture of The New York Times classifieds pages, linking to this minimalistic listing for MODERN VAMPIRES OF THE CITY MAY 7, 2013. They also tweeted this Tumblr link to a .gif which eventually spelled out “VW MVOTC LPIII MMXIII XL”. Cryptic!

These obtuse hints (who reads the classifieds anymore?) harken back to the mysterious marketing that the band did for their last album Contra. Always keep em guessing, eh boys?

The group finally showed their hand this morning, confirming the album title while releasing the tracklisting, cover art, and release date for the album.

modern vampires of the city vampire weekend

That artwork is pretty sweet! Modern Vampires of the City will be released on XL Recordings on May 6 in the UK and May 7 in the US. Take a look at the tracklisting here.

1. “Obvious Bicycle”
2. “Unbelievers”
3. “Step”
4. “Diane Young”
5. “Don’t Lie”
6. “Hannah Hunt”
7. “Everlasting Arms”
8. “Finger Back”
9. “Worship You”
10. “Ya Hey”
11. “Hudson”
12. “Young Lion”

Tour dates for the Vampire Weekend’s spring and summer shows can be found here.


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