MUSIC VIDEO: Muse – “Supremacy”


Brit pomp rockers Muse premiered the music video for “Supremacy”, the fourth single from their most recent album The 2nd Law.

A pivot away from Muse’s previous material, the focus on subtle sonic textures in “Supremacy” marks a new, more nuanced direction for the band.

Just kidding! The song is the audio equivalent of the following “What If?” scenario; in which Black Holes And Revelations closer “Knights of Cydonia” makes sweet, passionate love to Adele’s theme for Skyfall only to sneak out of the bedroom in the morning, leaving the soulful track from the British songstress shaken, not stirred. I mean, it directly incorporates a couple motives from the “James Bond Theme” a couple of times over the course of the cut.

The music video for “Supremacy” is appropriately gonzo. Featuring a group of surfing black metal beach bums, it’s also thematically unrelated to anything going on in the song. The only thing the song and the video have in common is they’re just awesome.

Check out the video for “Supremacy” after the jump. 

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