Skrillex And Anthony Green Tease Potential Collaborative Screamo Release


This is a little old, but it’s just getting traction now. Besides, a bit more publicity might light a fire under the asses of these two.

Sonny Moore, currently operating under his production/DJ moniker Skrillex, has a long, deep relationship with extreme music. Before dropping the heavy bass, he was screaming heavy verses as the frontman of post-hardcore act From First To Last. But you already knew that.

What you probably didn’t know is that Moore hasn’t completely moved away from the music of his heavy, guitar-driven roots. 

Back in January Moore tweeted that he was considering the idea of putting out new music that would be sonically far removed from his current electronic oeuvre.

Dope indeed. A few days later, Moore would tweet, this time big upping the most recent album from his bud Anthony Green’s band Circa Survive. As this is Twitter, the best contemporary platform for open communication between people from all walks of life, some random dude named Dave Cappadonna then chimed in with some wish fulfillment. Green, in turn, stepped in to stir the pot.

So what do you guys think of that little tidbit?

Now to clarify, Green didn’t say that any possible collaboration with Moore would involve screamo. Hell, Green might just do a vocal that’ll get chopped up for the next Skrillex release. If they do anything together at all.

But let’s daydream a little bit and pretend that Green and Moore would be teaming up for a screamo release. It’s not like these guys don’t have the bonafides to make something like this happen. Green cut his teeth fronting Saosin for one EP before making his name with Circa Survive and The Sound of Animals Fighting. If these two did a screamo EP together, it would be loud, it would be heavy, and it would be filled some melodious moments.

In short, it would probably be a pretty “dope” affair. But how do you feel about this? Let us know in the comments.

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  • First, my genre-nazi comment: that use of the word “screamo” isn’t accurate. I doubt they’d sound much like Saetia or even The Saddest Landscape.

    Second, holycrap, this needs to happen.