The Acacia Strain Announce ‘Money For Nothing’ B-Side EP

The Acacia Strain 2013

Rise Records’ own The Acacia Strain have announced today that they are planning to put out a b-side EP, entitled Money For Nothing.

Money For Nothing is comprised of six tracks that were recorded in the time TAS were apart of their former label Prosthetic Records. Prosthetic is planning on releasing this EP of rarities on February 19. Watch the video teasing the six songs and view the artwork in the feature box to your left. Click through to access the track-listing information.

Track listing:
1. Money For Nothing (previously unreleased original song from “The Dead Walk” sessions)
2. Brown Noise (alternate “Dead Walk”-era version of the “3750” song)
3. Global Warning (previously a “Continent” LP-only bonus track)
4. Stay Puft (previously a “Continent” LP-only bonus track)
5. The Hills Have Eyes (alternate “Pentagon.3” version of the “Wormwood” song)
6. Terminated (alternate “Pentagon.3” version of the “Wormwood” song)

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